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Hazelnut Parade
Sponsored by Propane Northwest

Join us for a Hazelnut Parade, thanks to Propane Northwest. A great way to showcase your organization! Community parades help honor tradition, showcase local talents, and give a grand and festive expression of a small community.

Donald Daze - Hazelnut Parade

Having a community parade as part of a hometown celebration can have a number of benefits, including:

  • Bring the community together: A parade can bring people from different parts of the community together and create a sense of pride and unity.

  • Boost morale: A parade can help boost morale and create a sense of excitement and celebration in the community.

  • Showcase local talent: A parade can provide a platform for local performers, musicians, and artists to showcase their talents.

  • Promote the community: A parade can help to promote the community to outsiders and attract visitors and tourists.

  • Economic benefits: A parade can bring economic benefits to the community by attracting visitors who will spend money on food, lodging, and other amenities.

  • Preserve traditions: A parade can help to preserve traditions and keep the community's history and culture alive.

  • Provide entertainment: A parade can entertain people of all ages and be an enjoyable and memorable experience for the whole community.

Donald Daze - Hazelnut Parade:  Parade staging starts at 7:00 am on Reese Street. Parade entries must check in before 10:00 am. The parade begins at 11:00 am and will last approximately one hour until 12:00 noon. The parade starts on Reese, heading down Matthieu Street and onto Main Street. Floats and parade entries will then turn left onto Crisell Street and exit the parade on Cone Street. Car Show entries will park as needed. Other parade entries will exit via Cone to Butteville Road after the parade. 

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